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India is a very big country and it has very large amount of Internet users also. From the lockdown, number of Indian internet users is growing very dramatically. You can see there many Indian websites, startups etc. are emerging but still there are no enough Indian forums on the internet. You can see thousands of forums in different categories and domains on the internet but nearly all of them are from other countries. There are very less indian forums over the internet. In this blogpost, we are going to talk about these a few Indian forums.

I think Internet forum are still very interesting place to meet new people and discuss on different topics. Although, there are many other platforms where this discussion can happen but Internet forums have different feeling in them. Internet forums can still be attractive and interesting for all types of people including teens, if forum owners try to pay attention on improving the design of forums. Most forums looks like very dull and dead like websites because of their old designs. Forum owners should pay attention to this design domain if they really want to survive.

List of best Indian Forums

Guys here are some best indian forums-

Top Communities-

Guys, if you noticed we have a community section on our website. Here you can talk about various topics. There are separate forums for Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Discord, Blogging, make money online etc. We are focused on providing different communities for different languages. At present, Communities for two languages only given- Hindi community, and English community.  

Indian Forums- Visit

Indian Forums is an old and popular movies, and Indian cinema related forum. Here you can find forums based on Indian serials, and series and movies etc. If you are a movie lover person then you may like discussing and spending time on this forum site. You can read interesting news articles related to movies, Bollywood, Indian serials, celebrities etc.

Indian Motorcycle forum- Visit

On this forum, you can discuss on topics related to motorcycles. You can learn learn about newly launched motorcycles, their features etc. If you want are looking for some unique types of motorcycles which media doesn’t bring in front easily, then you definitely join this forum. You can definitely find some people with common interest who will help you to find motorcycles you are looking for. 

Only Tech Community – Visit

If you are a tech enthusiast, tech lover or a nerd then you must join this forum. This is a beautiful, and clean forum that allows members to discuss on a large number of topics in technology. If you are looking a place where you can share your thoughts on various gadgets then this forum is perfect for you. 

India Study ChannelVisit

Forum on this site related to study, colleges, exams and students. If you are an student then this forum may be helpful for you. 

India Travel Blog – Visit

It is a Travel blog mainly but there is a forum section also in which you can talk on various topics related to travel. If you love travelling, planning to travel anywhere then you must join this Forum. If you are alone, then You may find new find new friends to travel with maybe through this forum. 

Submit your Travel forum

If you run a travel forum or any kind of other website then you can submit that to our listing section. 

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