How to increase members on your Telegram channel

Today there is a tough competition for Telegram members. If you want to grow your Telegram group members then orgnically doing is very time consuming and very hard. For some people, if their group got ranked in the search results of the Telegram app then it is their luck that they were able to gain members so easily and quickly. On the other hand there are people who are struggling to get even 100-1000 members after months of hard work. Especially for them i am writing this article So, they can grow their members a little efficiently.    

Methods to grow members of Telegram group

Apply below methods to grow your Telegram group-

Submit your group on Top Communities

You can just submit your Telegram group on the Top Communities to get new members regularly. It is advised that you add a good and long description of your Telegram group, so people can understand what your Telegram group is about. Adding relevant tags will also help finding your group by people. 

Be active in the TC Community

On Top Communities website, there is a section named Community. In this section, there are Communities based on different languages. You can be active in the community according to what language you understand and what language your Telegram group supports. 

You can reply to relevant queries and add your Telegram group link in the reply. This way you can get many members too your Telegram group. 

Choose right username for your Telegram group

In case of public Telegram groups, your username plays a very important role. Telegram gives more priority to active groups with relevant keywords in the username to show up as results when people search on Telegram.  

Choose right name for your Telegram group

You should research and choose the right name for your Telegram group. A good Telegram group name is that which feels relevant to people for which you made this Telegram group. If your group is public then try to add keywords in the group name, so when people search these keywords then your group can be choosen for them.


Add a good description

I have seen many people leave the description section empty but it can be fully utilized for the wellness of the Telegram group. If your Telegram group is a public group then you can add keywords relevant to your Telegram group in the description, Keywords which people mostly search in Telegram to find groups like yours. This way people may get suggestions for your Telegram group when they search these keywords. 

A Telegram group description should be interesting and relevant to people who you are targeting. If it doesn’t then people who you really want to be in the group may leave it because they may find it unrelevant. 

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